The Prometheus Initiative

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The Prometheus Initiative
Lisa Hui.png
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Location: Orochi Retreat (Scorched Desert)
Starting Coords:
Given by: Lisa Hui
Type: Sabotage
Reward: 218,400 Experience
Added in: 1.0
Repeatable: Yes


The Orochi camp nearby has been overrun with Filth. Investigate the site and the Orochi operation there might uncover interesting information.



Lisa Hui: (Getting a bottle of water out of a cooler) "Prometheus Initiative. (The label on the water bottle says "The Prometheus Initiative" as well.
Lisa Hui: They knew how to take care of their own. Water, food, ammo...
Lisa Hui: There's even a crate of Scotch, oak aged, first class stuff.
Lisa Hui: That wasn't for us, obviously.
Lisa Hui: We were just here to provide protection like good little Orochi tin soldiers,
Lisa Hui: while the suits and white coats called the shots and reaped the benefits.
Lisa Hui: We didn't ask questions, and now we're left without answers.
Lisa Hui: We don't even know what the Prometheus Initiative was doing out there.
Lisa Hui: There is - was - a depot, close by;
Lisa Hui: it's where a lot of the logistics were handled, away from prying eyes.
Lisa Hui: Flying supplies in and the other stuff out, always under the cover of night.
Lisa Hui: It was also the first place to get hit when the hitting began.
Lisa Hui: We lost a lot of good soldiers that day. Some suits, too, but who keeps count?
Lisa Hui: We've gone in there to restock, but it's lethal. The place is crawling.
Lisa Hui: I'm a loyal a point, and they're pushing that point.
Lisa Hui: Where's our backup? Our transportation? There's been no word. No info, no intel. Nothing.
Lisa Hui: I'm not even sure they're planning an evac.
Lisa Hui: It's strange the way it happened, like they knew exactly when and where to hit us.
Lisa Hui: All the hallmarks of an inside job.
Lisa Hui: And whoever hit us, they're still around, and they have resources.
Lisa Hui: So much for job security.
Lisa Hui: Are you guys hiring?

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Lisa Hui talks about an Orochi project called the Prometheus Initiative. The Initiative was a highly classified project, and even Lisa was not informed of its ultimate purpose. She does, however, suspect that whatever it was they were doing here, and what they eventually found, could be linked to the black Filth infesting the entire region.
    • Go to the Prometheus Initiative camp
    • Examine the scientist's tablet
    • Search the tent
    • Gain access to the computer logs
  • Tier 2: The Prometheus Initiative pump station was to extract material straight out of the ground, but in the process, the slick oily substance called Filth emerged as well. And the pumps are still running, still extracting Filth from beneath.
    • Shut down the pumping station's power
    • Turn off the control valve
    • Override the pressure controls
    • Turn the power back on
  • Tier 3: The pumps have been shut down, but there is still plenty of Filth in the storage units.
    • Purge Storage Unit A
    • Purge Storage Unit B
    • Purge Storage Unit C
  • Tier 4: Even as the camp was drenched in Filth, it stayed operational, as if there was still someone working the machinery, drilling into the ground to bring more Filth to the surface. The Filth appears not to kill, but to corrupt and twist the minds it affects.
    • Find Dr Themis
    • Kill the filth-infected Dr Themis




There is a relationship between Prometheus and the Filth - this is certain. But the nature of that relationship is not yet known. We do not even know if the Filth is an object or a byproduct.

Things have been hidden from us before, but seldom a project of this magnitude. It is as though Orochi are harbouring the sun behind the moon. The geometry of it is infuriating.

Take in as much as you can while you have the opportunity. The sooner we know what Prometheus is, the sooner we can begin to balance its effects.


In fairness, the Orochi situation was a mess before you got there. But keep in mind that "fairness" isn't one of our tenets. If a head needs to roll over our meddling with Orochi affairs, it won't be mine.

The Prometheus Initiative is international in scope. Orochi describes it as "a new vision for the sustainable future of mankind."

That's as much as I can get from the website.

Orochi is getting better at keeping dirty secrets from us. Or we're getting worse at keeping track. Either way, it's butchering day at the Thought Farm.



We should have known more about the Prometheus Initiative. I am tempted to erode the standards of typography to emphasise that point.

We know it is bigger than a pumping station - bigger than Egypt, in fact. We also know it is "a new vision for the sustainable future of mankind."

That citation comes from a billboard we've come across. Not at all my idea of intelligence gathering.

Please go ahead and supplement what little information we have with further news from the front.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Go to the Prometheus Initiative camp
  • Examine the scientist's tablet
    • On the ground at (350,989) next to the body
    • Note: Once you activate the tablet, you can back away much further from the body than could reach the tablet from - allowing you time to read it while not being seen by the Transformed Scientist in the Filth
  • Search the tent
  • Gain access to the computer logs
    • There is a body in corner of tent with 1981 scrawled on floor
    • 1981 is code

Tier 2/4

  • Shut down the pumping station's power
    • Switch at (295,921), on the south-west corner of the building
  • Turn off the control valve
    • Valve is at (297,937), on the north side of the building
  • Override the pressure controls
    • Controls are at (280,936), on the west side of the building
  • Turn the power back on
    • Same switch you turned off at (295,921), on the south-west corner of the building

Tier 3/4

NOTE: For this tier, not only do you have to be wary of the Transformed Scientists wandering around, but the filth you have to run through to get to the storage units will cause you to be Afflicted with Filth Exposure. The damage to Filth Exposure can stack up fairly quickly making the monsters around the tanks that much more dangers to take on. Finally - some of the towers are periodically leaking filth and will hit you with additional stacks of Filth Exposure if you get hit by it while climbing the ladders.

  • Purge Storage Unit A
  • Purge Storage Unit B
  • Purge Storage Unit C

Tier 4/4

Other Information

  • While in the tent for Tier1, make sure to pick up the quest Old Scotch, New Problems, which takes place in this area as well

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