The Meowling

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The Meowling
Andy's Kittens.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Raven's Knock
Starting Coords:
Given by: Madame Roget
Type: Investigation
Requires: Samhain
Reward: 320,100 Experience
Added in: 1.3.2
Removed in: Seasonal
Repeatable: No



Mission Investigation trans.png The Meowling    Main Mission
Kingsmouth is on the verge of crossing into the cold, dark months. Upon this threshold, something strange has gripped the town, some force or presence that's causing local cats to scream, rise, and claw at invisible curtains in the world.
Tier 1
Madame Roget called, concerned that her cats - and others - may be under some supernatural influence. She has asked you to meet with her.
  • Talk to Madame Roget
  • Inspect the photo of Andy's kittens
  • Inspect the collar of one of Madame Roget's cats
Tier 2
Madame Roget's cats are digging up what's better left buried. Andy's kittens are haunting his nightmares. That's where the trail begins.
  • Find where Madame Roget's cats are digging in Kingsmouth
  • Find and destroy whatever's been haunting Andy
Tier 3
Madame Roget's cats were digging up corpses. Andy's corrupted kittens came back from the depths. The vision also mentioned "the thirteen," hinting of others on Solomon Island that have heeded the call of a new master.
  • Find the group of thirteen cats on Solomon Island
  • Search the mansion grounds for the rest of the thirteen
Tier 4
Eleven of the thirteen are gathered around a crypt at the back of the mansion grounds. Whatever is driving them mad is driving them here.
  • Search the mansion for a clue to the location of the crypt key
  • Find the Devore Crypt key
  • Explore the Devore Crypt
  • Uncover what the spirit has to say


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Inspect the photo of Andy's kittens
  • Inspect the collar of one of Madame Roget's cats
    • It's on the table in front of Madame Roget
    • It disappears when used, so if there are other people in the Knock, you may have to wait to see and use it

Tier 2/4

  • Find where Madame Roget's cats are digging in Kingsmouth
  • Find and destroy whatever's been haunting Andy
  • When you arrive there, 3 were-cats will attack - Ponch, Dolly, and Friday
  • If there are others fighting them, you may have to leave and re-approach the area to get credit for your own kills

Tier 3/4

  • Find the group of thirteen cats on Solomon Island
  • Search the mansion grounds for the rest of the thirteen

Tier 4/4

  • Search the mansion for a clue to the location of the crypt key
  • Find the Devore Crypt key
  • Explore the Devore Crypt
    • It is an instance, but not a solo-instance, so other team members will go in also
    • You will have to fight Incognito while inside, but he will run away before being killed
  • Uncover what the spirit has to say
    • The book you want is on the right-hand side of the room


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: The Meowling
We are most ourselves when we wear costumes. It removes the pressure of expectation, frees us to be who we really are.

The cat on his hind legs in the crypt. The one whose name we do not know, not yet. He incites the feline masses. Some are calling him a king. Others, a god.

We have sent agents to Egypt. Bastet does not stir. Makes us believe things are not what they seem.

The cat in the crypt is something more than he appears. Something less. He is not himself, and therefore showing us exactly what he is.

I apologise for the obscurity. The truth - at the moment it wears a costume too.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: The Meowling
This is why we ask you to screen your calls. And how are these wackos even getting your number in the first place? Ugh.

Let's recap: all the cat crazy seems to be related to the incognito figure in the crypt. Not sure yet who or what he is. However, seems likely he's the reason my allergies are acting up. Inside the crypt, an old witch named Elena Zhelikhovsky has lost her tongue.

I'm receiving reports of other desecrated graves and cut off body parts that fit the same MO. Frankly, gross.

Fun fact: remind me to be a witch in my next life. God they preserve well.

Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: The Meowling
"The cat is mine. Don't be nervous" (Bulgakov 83).

I most certainly am nervous. Cats on their hind legs, digging up corpses, ripping out tongues, spearing our pickled mushrooms for all we know.

It's unheard of.

I've looked into Ms Elena Zhelikhovsky for you - the tongue-tied corpse in the crypt. She lived in the mansion between 1924 and 1957. She ran a kind of occult hotel, attracting the likes of Doyle and Houdini. I haven't the faintest what she has to do with all this cat nonsense, but I suspect her reading recommendations are worth looking into.

R. Sonnac

Xp.jpg 320,100 XP Total
53,350 for Tier 1
53,350 for Tier 2
53,350 for Tier 3
160,050 upon report
Pax Romana 20,000
Sack of Penny Dreadfuls Sack of Penny Dreadfuls


Initial Phone Call

Received when you log in for the first time during the Halloween event.

Madame Roget: Hey, you may not remember me. Um, Kingsmouth. Crystal ball. Fake accent.
Madame Roget: Ravens?
Madame Roget: Yeah, so anyway, not just calling to say hi.
Madame Roget: Although, hi.
Madame Roget: So, um, it started with Andy, then me, then all these, these kittens...
Madame Roget: I know it sounds weird on the phone, right? Look, I wouldn't call because of some missing cats.
Madame Roget: I mean, yes, my cats ARE missing. But...others are screaming.
Madame Roget: Rising. Clawing in our heads.
Madame Roget: I actually miss the ravens.

Initial Cutscene

Madame Roget: (Talking to Deputy Andy as you walk in) ... white cat crosses the black path.
Madame Roget: His, uh, his tail hangs from his mouth. His ears are in his hands. He's....
Madame Roget: putting on his face?
Madame Roget: The thirteen are tied by their tongues. They call him "King."
Madame Roget: The God of Claws, strays all gather, extend their paws. He takes a knife...
Deputy Andy: Oh jeez.
Madame Roget: He cuts the whiskers first. Then the tail. The eyes he has to scoop out with -
Deputy Andy: I vote we skip the particulars on this one, ayuh? I mean maybe if you see a name or an address or -
Madame Roget: Doesn't work that way, Andy.
Madame Roget: Is this them?
Deputy Andy: Ponch, Friday, Dexter... Ah, jeez, Dolly.
Deputy Andy: It's been twenty years, y'know? And I've always been thinking about 'em, but I never had thoughts like this.
Deputy Andy: I thought maybe you could just... or maybe if I should just...
Deputy Andy: Or, maybe you tell me?
Madame Roget: Sweetie... It's hard to make out details, you know? I see so many cats right now, all crowded. Scared. Gathering for...
Madame Roget: someone. Something. Mine were there too.
Madame Roget: I mean, they were all there.
Madame Roget: Whatever this is, it's not our fault. Someone's... blinding them -
Deputy Andy: Jeez, I, uh, I appreciate you leaving out the gruesome details. Ahem.
Deputy Andy: Look, I should really get back to...uh, get back to getting out there, I guess.
Deputy Andy: (turning to you) Don't be telling people I'm squeamish or the sort. It's just, uh...jeez, kittens, y'know?
Deputy Andy: With everything going on, folks still care about things. That's gotta count for something.
Deputy Andy: (as he leaves) Always on Halloween, ayuh.
Madame Roget: (turning to you) Thanks for coming. I don't speak cat, but I keep seeing what they see. What they think they see.
Madame Roget: It feels...cruel.
Madame Roget: Calculated. Something's pulling their tails - obviously - but it's more than that. Someone's...
Madame Roget: making something. Stitching pieces together.
Madame Roget: Look, it's not about me having nightmares, or Andy, or even about Kingsmouth. It's, it's like...
Madame Roget: something's clawing at this really thick curtain.
Madame Roget: And...I don't think it's supposed to come down.

First Phone Call

As you're leaving Raven's Knock.

Madame Roget: I always kept them outside. They things -
Madame Roget: rummaging, scratching, digging up flowers.
Madame Roget: Now...I see them digging things up, but it's not flowers.
Madame Roget: It's definitely not flowers.

Second Phone Call

After you find Madame Roget's cats.

Madame Roget: I haven't been totally honest with Andy.
Madame Roget: I mean, I've left things out.
Madame Roget: About his kittens...
Madame Roget: Look, everyone knows they didn't go quietly.
Madame Roget: Well, they're not coming back quietly either.

Third Phone Call

After you find and destroy what's been haunting Andy.

Madame Roget: The thirteen are tied by their tongues.
Madame Roget: I keep hearing those words. Can you do anything with that?

Fourth Phone Call

After finding the clue for the Devore Crypt Key.

Madame Roget: Elena Zhelikhovsky paved the way in this town for my line of work.
Madame Roget: I used to tell people I was her granddaughter.
Madame Roget: Whatever sells the magic snowglobes, right?
Madame Roget: Her spirit's always been real chatty...maybe she knows something we don't.

Other Information

  • This mission is only available during the Samhain event, added in 2012. It is given automatically via phone call when you log on, or can be picked up from Madame Roget.
  • Upon completion, you will automatically be given the next mission, Crossing the Black Path.



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