Hell and Bach

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Hell and Bach
Daniel Bach.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Location: Overlook Motel
Starting Coords: 724, 841
Given by: Daniel Bach
Type: Investigation
Reward: 542,800 Experience
Added in: Update 1.1.0
Repeatable: Yes


Daniel Bach has been chasing a rogue magus through the piss soaked alleys of the world. Use Bach's research to trace back the life of Theodore Wicker, to understand who he was, where he's been, and what he sacrificed along the way.



Daniel Bach: Mh, breakfast of the champions.
Daniel Bach: Not how the New York Times saw it, but I'd been planning the "It's not you, baby, it's me" speech anyway.
Daniel Bach: We stay in touch, trade candid webcam shots. They still want me.
Daniel Bach: But now I'm a free man, baby - swimming in pills, pussy and dreams of Pulitzers.
Daniel Bach: No more of that human interest shit... not unless it involves horns and a forked tail.
Daniel Bach: So I've been following a dead man around the world. Brit by the name of Theodore Wicker. "The Crowley of Soho." He was looking for Hell with a capital H.
Daniel Bach: If he'd hung around, I could have given him pointers. Afghanistan, Liberia, Baghdad, Chechnya. Brooklyn.
Daniel Bach: But he came here, to east bumfuck Maine, in '87. Not a great year for fashion, a terrible year for Wicker. Booked up in room 13, never seen again.
Daniel Bach: Then this roach trap went under and nobody's touched it for quarter of a century.
Daniel Bach: And, oh yeah, my man found what he came for. So did I. The pope was right, hell is real, and it's not other people.
Daniel Bach: This place is a door. That room is the lock. And the merry shit going down here is the key.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Wicker's interest in Hell brought him to the Overlook Motel, where he disappeared in 1987. Daniel Bach's extensive legwork has led him here, the culmination of years of journalistic and personal obsession. Examine Bach's research and learn where it all started.
    • Examine Bach's research.
  • Bach has photographs and mad notes that detail his obsession with Theodore Wicker. Look for traces of Wicker in Room 13 of the Overlook Motel, his last earthly whereabouts.
    • Search Room 13 for clues.
    • Find a way to activate the seance circle
  • Tier 2: The top photograph in Bach's notes shows a dark arching interior, possibly an underground. Find out where Wicker was - and what he was doing - before coming to Solomon Island.
    • Travel to the location in the top photograph
    • Find a way to activate the seance circle
  • Tier 3: The next photograph in Bach's notes depicts a squalid stairway leading to a door. Wicker's seances took place all across the world, in places rife with energy that was equal to his purpose.
    • Travel to the location in the second photograph.
    • Find a way to activate the seance circle
  • Tier 4: A young Theodore Wicker squatted here in this ominous part of London, fasting and stripping away his humanity in preparation for a life lived among demons.
    • Search the room for more information about Wicker's past
    • Go to the location referenced in Wicker's journal
    • Listen to the cassette tape
    • Examine the briefcase
  • Tier 5: Once a young and promising academic of the occult, Theodore Wicker became increasingly obsessed by the subject of his lectures. The otherness of the Hell Dimensions - that searing, hallucinatory wilderness - began calling out to him.
    • Go to the location mentioned in the flyer
  • Tier 6: Theodore Wicker gave an infamous lecture in 1977. It would be his last.
    • Find a way to view Theodore Wicker's last lecture





If you don't like what you are, you must change where you come from. You must claw your way into a new womb and be born again.

We were at the lecture in 1977. All the great societies were interested in Theodore Wicker. The Illuminati wanted him. The Templars wanted him away from the Illuminati. And we were content to merely sit there - third row, second from the left - and ring a soundless bell every time he said the word "life."

It was part of a flawed model, built on the premise that Wicker would garner an army of followers in this world. We were half right. Unfortunately, soundlessness carries very differently in Hell.


We were there in '77. Theo's lecture - like much of his academic career - revealed glimpses of occult genius. In short, we were interested.

When he came to New York in '85 it seemed like the whole thing was falling into our laps. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of "letting things play out." Ugh, never again. He did his little seances and then poof, he was gone.

Lesson learned: when a rogue occult genius strolls into your basement, you strap the bastard down.



We were there at the infamous lecture in ’77. Wicker was being observed and – for a brief time – considered. We determined that he was too unstable to rely on, even then. Now he is much further gone, no longer even a man.

We lost track of him in New York and assumed the worst – that he had gone to the Illuminati. Wicker did indeed go soulless, but not in the corporate sense.

Your tracing of his past shall prove insightful. We should never have let Wicker get away. Men like him must be identified earlier in their academic careers. They must be made to accept the blissful ease of tenured life.

R. Sonnac


There are 6 tiers to this mission.

NOTE:The Runes-Demonic page can be used to help translate the various phrases and runes encountered in this mission.

Tier 1/6

  • Examine Bach's research
    • Use the file at 720, 847.
  • Search Room 13 for clues
    • Use Wicker's journal at 731, 855, enter the solo instance, then use it again.
  • Find a way to activate the seance circle
    • The circle is under the rug.
    • Use the symbols in the circle to spell out the latin phrase from the clue (Orderint Dum Metuant).
    • Refer to the image gallery for a complete translation of all symbols used in this mission.
    • If you aren't standing on top of the circle itself, then the game might misinterpret your clicks for the runes furthest out (due to being out of range, the nearest rune to it activates instead). To avoid this, Try moving until you are standing exactly on top of a rune before activating it.
    • Turn up the audio and listen carefully, if you make a mistake it will make a different sound when activating a rune

Tier 2/6

  • Travel to the location in the top photograph
Clue 1
Clue 2
  • Find a way to activate the seance circle
Clue 1

Tier 3/6

  • Travel to the location in the second photograph
Clue 1
Clue 2
  • Find a way to activate the seance circle
Clue 1

Tier 4/6

  • Search the room for more information about Wicker's past
    • Use the journal page at 254, 197.
  • Go to the location referenced in Wicker's journal
Clue 1
Clue 2
  • Listen to the cassette tape
    • Use the recorder on the table at (151, 324).
  • Examine the briefcase
    • Use the flyer.
    • The runes translate to Ad August Per Angust which translates to "To honors through difficulty" or "To triumph through trials."

Tier 5/6

  • Go to the location mentioned in the flyer

Tier 6/6

  • Find a way to view Theodore Wicker's last lecture
    • Read the note on the door.
    • It references Youtube and Elliot Dewhurst.
    • You don't need to look at Youtube to finish the mission.
    • Youtube - Elliot Dewhurst]

Other Information

Related Achievements

  • This mission is required for the Unleashed achievement





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