Supply Run

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Supply Run
Helen Bannerman.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Sheriff's Office
Starting Coords: (170,345)
End location: (170,345)
Given by: Helen Bannerman
Type: Action
Reward: 75,000 Experience
Added in: 1.0
Repeatable: Yes


Helen Bannerman and the survivors at the police station are running out of supplies. Go around to the stores and businesses of Kingsmouth and look for food and other things they might need.


Initial Cutscene

Helen Bannerman: Ain't this a heck of a thing. Three years without firing a shot, other than putting down some animal got itself hit by a truck. These past nights we've gone through bullets like candy at Halloween. I used a jail cell to dry out old paperwork, mostly, or Bill Dexter when he'd had a bad one. Now I've got all these good folks good as locked in here, and no sleeping it off for the morning either. The way things are headed, I'm seeing us outlasting our supplies. Not by much, if it comes to that. Andy finds what he can, but with the cruisers stuck propping up the barricade...So I'm obliged to anyone who'll poke around town apiece, bring in the essentials. We can call it requisitioning. I don't think the store owners will be writing this one off as an act of God.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Local stores and businesses might have supplies lying around. They should be listed in the phone book.
    • Find a local phonebook
  • Tier 2: The phonebook lists several places in town where there might be supplies. The first listing is Susie’s Diner. There might be food there. Go to Susie’s Diner and collect some food.
    • Go to Susie's Diner
    • Collect preserved food items (0/3)
  • Tier 3: The next interesting listing is the Call of the Wild, a sporting goods store. There might be ammunition there.
    • Go to Call of the Wild
    • Collect ammo boxes (0/3)
  • Tier 4: The phonebook listed a hardware store called Creed Bros Hardware Supplies. Go there and look for tools.
    • Enter Creed Bros Hardware Store
    • Kill the Jury-Rigged Protector
  • Tier 5: Another interesting listing from the phone book is Flagg’s Pharmacy. Maybe there are medical supplies there, like first aid kits.
    • Find Flagg's Pharmacy
    • Enter Flagg's Pharmacy
    • Use a phonebook to locate other sources of first aid
  • Tier 6: The phonebook lists another potential source of first aid kits: the fire station.
    • Search the Fire station for first aid
    • Collect first aid kits (0/3)
  • Tier 7: The supplies gathered should keep the survivors going for awhile. Return to the sheriff’s office and place the supplies in the store room.
    • Place the supplies in the store room at the Sheriff's Office


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Supply Run
Your report offers insight into the landscape of Kingsmouth. Further mapping of the town will be essential going further.

Do not be fooled by the stubbornness of local law enforcement. The sheriff's battle with the dead is the equivalent of a clumsy shogi game - one in which neither player can see more than one move ahead.

Chaos is the only authority in the region.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Supply Run
The efforts of local law enforcement are symbolic at best. You're there to contain the situation and find out what happened, not be the gofer for a lost cause.

However, your data on Kingsmouth's layout is useful and we want more. We need to know as much as possible about hotspots of activity in order to form an action plan.

Fun fact: the town's population is 1,547 and we're estimating a 98% conversion rate.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Supply Run
Aiding the locals in the face of the inevitable – your tenacity is admirable, though perhaps a bit blue-eyed.

On a positive note, you have provided us with some useful data of Kingsmouth Town. We have a clearer picture of the situation at hand… and it doesn’t look good, at least for the unfortunate civilian population. But we still have a decent chance of containing the threat, and that’s what you’re there for.

R. Sonnac

Xp.jpg 75,000 XP Total
6,250 for Tier 1
6,250 for Tier 2
6,250 for Tier 3
6,250 for Tier 4
6,250 for Tier 5
6,250 for Tier 6
37,500 upon report
Pax Romana 5,000
Black Bullion  2
Authority Bracelet Authority Bracelet


There are 7 tiers to this mission

Tier 1/7

Tier 2/7

  • Go to Susie's Diner
    • It's near corner of Belmont Avenue and Main Street
  • Collect 3 preserved food items
    • Yellow-outlined items, mostly behind counter in diner

Tier 3/7

  • Go to The Call of the Wild
    • Up Main Street from Susie's Dinner
  • Collect 3 ammo boxes
    • 2 on the ground in front of the store, one in the window

Tier 4/7

Tier 5/7

  • Find Flagg's Pharmacy
  • Enter Flagg's Pharmacy
    • Again, "Use" the door. You'll knock on the door, but cannot enter
  • Use a phonebook to locate other sources of first aid
    • Any phonebook will work, the closest it at top of street at corner of Main Street and Arkham Avenue

Tier 6/7

Tier 7/7

  • Place the supplies in the store room at the Sheriff's Office
    • Around the corner from the phonebook in the Sheriff's Office is a door with a very small knob, you have to use the doorknob to advance, it can be hard to see.

Other Information

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