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Questions and Answers
Region: New York
Zone: New York
Starting Coords:
Given by: Automatic assignment
Type: Story
Faction: Illuminati
Reward: 179,820 Experience

2 Skill Points 2 Attribute Points

Added in:
Repeatable: No


Mission Introduction Text.


Dialogue Scene Name

Character Name: Dialogue

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Tier Objective Text
    • List objectives







There are 6 tiers to this mission. Mission: Questions and Answers : (Automatically assigned)

Tier 1/6

Tier 2/6

  • Find out why you are in the room you wake up in
  • Go to the desk downstairs
  • Cut Scene - Once Erin Mahler is done, and leaves, read the report left on the desk
  • Leave the room via the elevator to the suspected agent's office (code 9101)

Tier 3/6

  • Find the Agent's office
  • Examine the cell phone
  • Examine the receipt on the floor under the desk
  • Examine the agent's laptop
    • Hack in to the agent's laptop (password is the dog's name)
    • Get location of the delivery van

Tier 4/6

  • Find the delivery van parked near the subway entrance
    • Climb into the back of the van
    • Exit at the warehouse

Tier 5/6

  • Work your way through the maze to where you see Egyptian mummies and museum items.
  • Find the dead agent and examine his body
    • Remove the agent's spinal chip
    • Get out of the warehouse -- at this point the warehouse goes black and various mobs will attack you. Use the forklift to get to the top of the crates and work your way across the top of the maze to avoid the various mobs.

Tier 6/6

  • Return to Illuminati HQ
  • Report to the Server Room
  • Report to Kirsten Geary (cut scene)
  • Go to Egypt via Agartha

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