Horror Show

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Horror Show
Helen Bannerman.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Location: Sheriff's Office
Starting Coords:
Given by: Helen Bannerman
Type: Sabotage
Reward: 75,020 Experience
Added in: 1.0
Repeatable: Yes


Sheriff Bannerman believes that mounting surveillance equipment near the police station can provide advance warning of any impending attacks. She needs help to find useful equipment around town.


Initial Cutscene

Helen Bannerman: Well. Sure wasn't in our yearly budget to put the town under martial law. No, the good old boys on the council were all about thrifty spending – at least above the table. So I squirrelled away where I could for some surveillance equipment. Police business, sure, let's call it “civic awareness.” I'm talking your web cams, your motion sensors- Aw, don't look so surprised. Kingsmouth might be out in the sticks, but we have electricity and everything. Running water in tourist season. Come back when this whole damn mess has blown over, I'll give you the tour far as the old lighthouse. But to get to the point of it. Seems to me we should bring the gear out of the mothballs and get it hooked up around town. Gives me some early warning, and the others a break from my collection of Jeopardy reruns.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Even a small town like Kingsmouth should have some security measures. Perhaps some of the local businesses have installed surveillance systems. Check the phonebook for likely candidates.
    • Check a phonebook for secure businesses
    • Retrieve the camera from the Sycoil Gas Station
    • Retrieve the camera from the Kingsmouth Savings and Loan
    • Retrieve the camera from the Franklin Foundation Mining Museum
  • Tier 2: The camera at the mining museum was broken. A note left by a janitor indicates that repacements are in the museum basement. Go to the basement and pick up a working camera.
    • Enter the Mining Museum Basement
    • Ask the janitor about the cameras
  • Tier 3: A man has sought refuge in the basement and filled it with booby traps. Proceed carefully and search for the box of cameras.
    • Find a way to bypass the booby-traps
    • Recover camera from the crate
    • Kill Insane Survivalist
    • Recover camera from crate
  • Tier 4: The janitor was a frightful sight. Something seeped into his very skin and changed him somehow. Was he even human any longer? Still, the sheriff is waiting. Better get out of the creepy basement and start installing those cameras around the police station.
    • Place camera on street light
    • Place camera on house corner
    • Place camera on street light
    • Place camera on tree trunk
  • Tier 5: The cameras are installed. Return to the sheriff’s office to initialise the system.
    • Use the police computer to initialize the system


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Horror Show
Very well,

Data from these cameras is being transferred to important monitors. Eyes will be assigned to watch these monitors at all times. Now the Dragon will see our enemies in Kingsmouth, as well as the enemies of our enemies - the Templars and the Illuminati.

The cleaning man - he showed symptoms of a very rare, very old disease. He was not like the living, and not like the dead. Tentacles do not come from the head without reasons.

Please provide more information about reasons.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Horror Show
Good news,

Data from your surveillance system is now feeding into our server. This means we have visual contact with the enemy and can make more detailed assessments of the situation. It also means I can keep tabs on you.

The janitor in the basement showed signs of a strange tentacular mutation. Disgusting, frankly. It's not clear if he boobytrapped his surroundings to protect himself or to try and protect others. Regardless, it was clever, and that's not something we like to see from our enemies.

Keep me posted on all tentacle-related phenomena.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
TO: <playername>
SUBJECT: Horror Show
Good news,

The camera system you've installed is up and running on our end as well. It is tactically useful for the local officers to see incoming threats. However, we are particularly keen to analyse visual data of the enemy from an R&D perspective.

The janitor you encountered showed symptoms of an unfamiliar infection. There were signs of humanity in the midst of his tentacular mutation. We hesitate to classify him without more data.

R. Sonnac

Xp.jpg 75,020 XP Total
9,380 for Tier 1
9,380 for Tier 2
9,380 for Tier 3
9,380 for Tier 4
37,500 upon report
Pax Romana 5,000
Black Bullion  2
Precision Dice Precision Dice


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Check a phonebook for secure businesses
  • Retrieve the camera from the Sycoil Gas Station
    • At the corner Elm Street and Belmont Avenue
    • You have to jump up on roof, jump onto the dumpster behind the gas station, and then onto the roof
    • The camera is on the front-left corner - you need to approach the edge and look down to see it
  • Retrieve the camera from the Kingsmouth Savings and Loan
    • Located at 1 Lovecraft Lane, up from corner of Belmont Avenue, it's just over the door to the building
  • Retrieve the camera from the Franklin Foundation Mining Museum
    • You have to climb up a ladder against the building behind the museum and from there jump to the roof the museum
    • The camera is on the front of the building after you're on the roof

Tier 2/5

Tier 3/5

  • Find a way to bypass the booby-traps
    • Tripping a laser causes and explosion that kills you and puts you back to the start of the solo instance. If you trigger the cameras in a room, you may be able to run out of the room and survive the explosion, if you're in the room when the explosives go off you'll be killed as well and sent back to start.
    • Fist, you have to jump over a laser that is across the floor like a trip wire
    • Next you have to weave through three walls of vertical lasers - each wall has a gap in it. You may have to swing your camera around a bit to be ble to see the lasers and gaps.
    • In the 1st room - Avoid the light spots on the floors, they are where the cameras are pointed
      • Go right immediately entering door and up ramp
      • Go around room until you get to the turn-off switch which is on the wall to the left of the door as you came in
    • Now can go down hall further, to the 2nd room. In this room, the cameras move, so you have to avoid the lights as they swing back and forth.
      • Make your way straight back to the back wall. You'll have to pause now and again to avoid lights
      • Go right and up the ramp
      • Turn right again across the catwalk. Again watch for the camera that swings to cover the catwalk
      • Jump down and turn off the lasers by using the turn-off switch that is on the wall to the left of the door as you came in.
    • You can no progress further down the hallway
  • Kill Insane Survivalist
    • He'll attack as you come to the end of the hallway
  • Recover camera from crate
    • Use the crate

Tier 4/5

You can pretty much follow your mini-map for this part - just go to the areas indicated and look for the white [] bracket symbols to use in order to place the cameras.

  • Place camera on street light
    • Near Sheriff's office barricade onto Arkham Avenue
  • Place camera on house corner
    • Across from the northern barricade, on the porch roof of the building there
  • Place camera on street light
    • On the street light at the house northwest from the police station, where the vendors are
  • Place camera on tree trunk
    • Near incoming barricade into town

Tier 5/5

Other Information

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