Homeland Insecurity

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Homeland Insecurity
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Starting Coords:
Given by: Sarge
Type: Action
Reward: 239,760 Experience
Added in: 1.0
Repeatable: Yes
Tactical Map.jpg

Karen Olson and Sarge share one thing: a common goal. Military and bureaucratic methods of problem solving don't always go hand in hand, however, and they can't seem to agree on how to proceed. Nevertheless, human lives are at stake and damage control is important to both parties.



Initial Cutscene

Sarge: (talking to Karen Olson) I'll tell you one thing, kid: this isn't my first brush with the supernatural.
Sarge: Far from it. Our unit has seen some action.
Sarge: Johannesburg in '87. Siberia in '93. Rio in '08.
Sarge: Last month we spent a good four days knee deep in New Yorker excrement,
Sarge: hunting a flock of Incubi that got separated from their mistress.
Sarge: They turn feral, did you know that?
Karen Olson: Yes, I -
Sarge: (keeps talking right over Karen) They lose control. Used to be you could parley with the Succubi, avoid too much bloodshed.
Sarge: The rules have changed. There's no negotiating with the enemy any more.
Karen Olson: And that's not what we're suggesting, sir,
Karen Olson: but I'm not sure that taking our limited resources into a -
Karen Olson: "mano-a-mano" testosterone fuelled battle royale...
Karen Olson: This is not our brief, and I shouldn't have to remind you who's running the operation,
Karen Olson: even if we can't get a signal through the fog, it's the Paradivision-
Sarge: (interrupting) I've got scars all over, and I'm not just talking about the ones that bleed.
Sarge: But if I've learned one thing in the past forty years it's that they bleed, too.
Sarge: Every single one of 'em.
Karen Olson: Yes, they do, sir, but so do we and we bleed out a lot...
Sarge starts walking away from her
Karen Olson: (to his back) faster than...
Karen Olson: Urgh!
Karen Olson: I don't even know why I fucking bother with this fucking-
Karen Olson: (finally noticing you're listening) What the hell are you looking at?

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Sarge has dispatched three of his most experienced teams, but they are undermanned and possibly besieged. Study the tactical map to learn their locations and what you can do to help them.
    • Examine the tactical map
    • Find Fireteam Bravo
    • Defend Fireteam Bravo's location
  • Tier 2: Fireteam Bravo seems to have things under control. Further ahead, though, a larger threat awaits - the very source of the attacks on their control point. Move forward and deal with it before searching for the next team.
    • Move forard and kill the Dreyrugr Lord
  • Tier 3: Fireteam Charlie was dispatched to retrieve air-dropped supplies in Ash Forest. Go to their location and assist them as best you can.
    • Find Fireteam Charlie
    • Gather 3 medical supplies
    • Gather sentry gun spare parts
    • Heal 3 wounded Fireteam Charlie members
    • Repair and activate a sentry gun
    • Defend Fireteam Charlie's location
  • Tier 4: Contact with Fireteam Delta was lost a while back. Neither distress signals nor radio signals have come through since. Go to their last known location and find out why they haven't reported in.
    • Find Fireteam Delta's last known location
    • Search the camp for a clue to their whereabouts
    • Use the binoculars to locate signs of Fireteam Delta
    • Kill the Henbane to avenge Fireteam Delta




These men were well-trained, taught to expect the coming chaos as an inevitability, as it should be. As a black wave rising. Their error was to think they could stand firm against it, unmoving, when it broke.

They attempted to dam the flow, but torrents were channelled around, to overcome them from all sides. A rigid strategy will always be undone by chance.

Your gift is adaptability. Do not squander it. If you allow yourself only one response, you will be as these fallen soldiers. Firing blindly into the howling night.


Goes to show why the Pentagon's default response is still "nuke it from orbit," even with all the paranormal agencies they've got advising them.

You know, bombing the everliving shit out of a bad situation has worked for them - and by proxy us - before. I hope you didn't think the nuclear tests were actually tests, that's adorable. Trouble is, it's so much harder to explain away now.

That's why the defense budget buck still stops with those poor assholes on the ground. They died for American values, they'll say, not from being eaten by bugs in Maine. In Maine! God.



I’m afraid I’m inclined to side with the angry young woman. I hold the professional occult fighting forces of the world in the highest regard, but in this situation they are on the back foot.

Some battle can be won by attrition. This is not one of them. As you have observed, the draug and their waterlogged victims are able to spawn like newts. The forest insects are equally prodigious. The military position will not, cannot, hold.

You are comrades in arms, though, and assisting them is nothing if not chivalrous.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Examine the tactical map
  • Find Fireteam Bravo
    • Across the road, down by the beach, at (243,148)
  • Defend Fireteam Bravo's location

Tier 2/4

  • Move forward and kill the Dreyrugr Lord
    • He's on the far side of the big tentacle thing coming out of the ground
    • He'll be escorted by a pair of Dreyrugr Huskarl - they cannot be pulled seperately and all three must be fought together
    • The Brood Pods and Incubators will not attack unless attacked/damaged first - be careful of AoE attacks while fighting the Dreyrugr Lord

Tier 3/4

  • Find Fireteam Charlie
    • Go back up to the road and follow it west until you see the Decayed Miners and a cut through the rocks off to the around, at about (370,250
    • From there, follow the old railroad tracks in the ground
    • They're along the cliff at (420, 398)
  • Gather 3 medical supplies
    • They're in boxes within the area marked on the map
  • Gather sentry gun spare parts
    • It's in a slightly larger box, behind the old shack
  • Heal 3 wounded Fireteam Charlie members
  • Repair and activate a sentry gun
  • Defend Fireteam Charlie's location

Tier 4/4

  • Find Fireteam Delta's last known location
    • Continue north along the cliff face until you find a break where you can go up, at about (468, 478)
    • When you get to the top, to the Abandoned Factory you can follow the switchback further up to their location
  • Search the camp for a clue to their whereabouts
    • Find binoculars at (547, 503) on top of one of the crates on the rock outcropping
  • Use the binoculars to locate signs of Fireteam Delta
    • Move the binoculars right until you see a creature standing on top of one of the quarry cliffs.
    • Zoom in until you see dead Fireteam Delta members at her feet. Pause there until the mission advances.
  • Kill the Henbane to avenge Fireteam Delta
    • NOTE: The quarry contains level 10 monsters - be careful where you drop down to approach her so you don't aggro other monsters in the area
    • She will resurrect members of Fireteam Delta if you do not kill her quickly enough - Delta Rifleman, Delta Grenadier, Delta Leader

Other Information

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