Council of Venice

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Council of Venice
Council of Venice.jpg
Type: NPC
Headquarters: Venice


The Council of Venice, monitors the secret world and polices activity between the various factions and cabals. It is intended to serve as an unaffiliated medium through which matters of policy may be debated.



The Council was formed some time between 3,000 BC and 1,300 AD - based on the fact that it was formed[1] in Jerusalem and moved to Venice some time in the 13th century[1]. Although from The Buzzing's comment about "in times you call ancient"[2] it can be assumed closer to 3,000BC rather than 1,300AD.

It was formed in response to some sort of magical or occult disaster most likely caused by one of the secret societies. "something almost went horribly wrong. Those who sleep gigantically nearly woke. Apocalyptic desperation ... disaster could have been avoided ..."[2].


Originally, the Council was formed for the protection of the Secret Societies; under threat of exposure through larger and bloodier wars, representatives from each society convened to form an impartial governing body, which would set the 'rules' of the so-called Secret War, as well as when and where such battles can take place.[3] The accord is little more than a 'gentleman's agreement' - that is, each member society obeys the accords out of fear of the remaining societies turning on them.

Additionally, it gives the societies a place to debate policies and issues of the Secret World, functioning in a manner similar to a Secret World equivalent to The United Nations. Indeed, as part of their function, the Council of Venice has its own impartial military force that can be deployed when approved war-zones get out-of-hand or cells of a secret society go rogue.


Each secret society has a number of delegates proportionate to size and importance. The Illuminati, the Templars, the Dragon, and the Phoenicians have three each. The others have one or two. The Council itself has its own neutral delegates. [4]

A Chief Councillor is elected every seven years. This Councillor cannot belong to a specific cabal, must abandon his or her allegiances.[4]

Current Status

Today, the various secret societies are chaffing under the rules and restrictions imposed by the Council. They begin to doubt that there is a need for the council.[5] They also see that the Council ends in deadlock more often than not, unable to come to a binding decision. [6]

The Buzzing has also indicated that there is a traitor within the midst of the Council that will betray them, and that it may take another disaster to pull the Council back together again [7]

The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets is an object of great importance, but mentioned very rarely by the member societies. It was supposedly penned during the first convening of the Council of Venice, and features heavily in the Council's charters. The book serves as a comprehensive list of items which the 'real world' must be protected from and kept secret: 13,519 entries at last count. Thus far, nothing else about the book (e.g. its location, any details about its contents beyond the number of entries) has been revealed. [citation needed]


Solomon Island


Coordinates: (157, 374)

Savage Coast

The Council of Venice envoy in the Savage Coast is located at the shop north-west of the portal to Agartha. The co-ordinates are (177.1, 853.3).

Blue Mountain

Valley of the Sun God

The Scorched Desert

City of the Sun Go


Besieged Farmlands

near Dusko Biukovic, Coordinates: (1004,1041)

Shadowy Forest

Carpathian Mountains

Coordinates: (712,677)

Sunken Library

Known Members

Council of Venice Members
Name Role Condition
Unknown Chief Councillor
Unknown Dragon Representative
Unknown Dragon Representative
Unknown Dragon Representative
Unknown Illuminati Representative
Unknown Illuminati Representative
Unknown Illuminati Representative
Unknown Phoenician Representative
Unknown Phoenician Representative
Unknown Phoenician Representative
Unknown Templar Representative
Unknown Templar Representative
Unknown Templar Representative
Unknown <Other Faction Representatives>
Amparo Osorio Observer
Carmen Preda Observer


For Lore entries, see Lore:Council of Venice


Systems malfunction

On August 26, 2011, an event occurred revealing a possible compromise of the Council's security and issues with the Phoenicians. Some of the evidence, relevant to the Council is attached.

During this systems malfunction, evidence of sub-groups from within the Council were discovered. From the warning message there is a reference to COTROE, a reference to the Council of Three; assumed to be members of the Dragon, Illuminati, and Templars. In the email that provided some explanation; we learn that in addition to Council seat holders, there is also the "Circle of the Secret War" which has at least one protector.

On August 27, 2011, leaked emails were posted by The Dark Places at (1, 2, 3). These emails introduced the Phoenicians, Elias Berbera and Dr. Elissa Hanna, and the Council-Consul Sienna. It must be noted that Sienna and Monticiano are both from the same geographical area in Tuscany Italy that has links to the House of Borghese.




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