Breakfast of Champignons

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Breakfast of Champignons
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Location: Red's Bait and Tackle
Starting Coords:
Given by: Ami
Type: Action
Reward: 266,750 Experience
Added in:
Repeatable: Yes


Ami speaks about harnessing the power of the land, how it can help and protect the island and its people if given a chance. With the correct practical application, Mother Nature could be key in overcoming the terrible creatures swarming the Savage Coast.


Dialogue Scene Name

Ami Dexter: Kayra, did you do the dishes? Kyra!
Kyra Dexter: What? Can't hear you, Mom!
Ami Dexter: Dishes.
Kyra Dexter: Not yet. What's the hurry? It's not like we're having visitors. Ever again.
Kyra Dexter: (Sees you) Oh. Visitors. Cool. So are you staying for dinner? There's rice, and, um, stale bread. And the beef jerky my uncle made back in the nineties. He's never been able to sell it. Can't imagine why.
Ami Dexter: Kyra! I have to apologise for my daughter, but it's not an easy situation for any of us. We're all going a bit crazy in here.
Ami Dexter: I always thought that if we protected the land, if we played our part and did our duty, the land would protect us. So either that was all bullshit... or we haven't help up our side of the bargain.
Kyra Dexter: Yeah, if we could all just get along like a proper family, instead of bickering about who said what to whom, like fort years ago, then maybe we wouldn't be stuck here with nothing to eat except canned meat and peas.
Ami Dexter: That's the price we pay for disunity and discord.
Ami Dexter: (To you) But the land is strong, and will fight back - given a chance. We just need to harness that strength.
Kyra Dexter: So what are you waiting for, Mom? Go out there and, like, harness. Beats sitting here eating baked beans.
Kyra Dexter: (To you) Oh yeah, there's also baked beans. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack. (Laughs) It's surprisingly awful.
Ami Dexter: It's not as simple as that, Kyra. I wish it where, but we're alone. I can't do thing on my own. We need help.
Ami Dexter: In the meantime, we have to care about the little things. Like the chores. So will you please do the dishes?
Kyra Dexter: Fine. Fine! If the monsters eat us, at least they'll be using clean plates.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Ami has a book detailing the properties found in local flora. Read it to learn how to harness the natural power found everywhere.
    • Read tome and collect mushrooms
  • Tier 2: You have everything you need to start experimenting, but be careful! Natural ingredients can be both good and bad. Choose your mixture with great care.
    • Make a tonic
  • Tier 3: It worked! The tonic is stimulating, and also triggered a vision of a massive, nearby draug pod. If it's allowed to gestate, the brood will most certainly cause big problems in thE area.




We have known about the energies that live in the land on Solomon Island for a very long time. It is a place where the forces of giving and taking have always been stronger than normal.

Let your own experiments be a lesson. Nothing disappears, it just changes form. Sometimes destructive, sometimes restorative, but always beneficial if correctly applied.

The Native Americans have always known this. Now, so do you.


We've always known that there are a few extra-strength natural remedies on offer out there on Solomon Island. That the natives have a leg up on us when it comes to reaping its benefits is not news. That you're equipped with such a green thumb, on the other hand, is news to me. But it's all good. I'll chalk up everything you can achieve without me holding your hand as a bonus.

And that stuff at the end? Land fighting back or you bad-tripping? If it's the latter, be sure to bring some samples back. I fucking love magic mushrooms!



I am pleased you were able to see for yourself that the very soil of Solomon Island bears special potency.

The natives appear to know ways of harvesting and exploiting those powers for greater benefit than we've ever been able to. Until now, it seems. We have so far believed that benefit to be exclusive to them. Your experiments prove otherwise. Be sure to take notes.

R. Sonnac


Tier 1/3

  • Read the Tome of Mystic Mushrooms (on table near door)
  • Note: Very Important, make note of the tome's left page - Crimson Speckled Mushroom, Violet Fungi, Black Corpse Rot, and Ghost Cap. This will be important in Tier 2)
  • Collect 7 Crimson Speckled Mushrooms (closest to starting loc. - get first) (The zombies around these have a small trigger radius. It is possible to harvest these without triggering the zombie)
  • Collect 4 Black Corpse Rot. (When picked these will harm you. Be aware of nearby mobs. It is an area affect and can not be avoided)
  • Collect 5 Violet Fungi (These are on the side of trees in ak'ab area. Picking a mushroom will spawn two ak'ab and draw any others in the area.)
  • Collect 3 Ghost Caps (These are on the island area near John Wolf, they will weaken you when picked. Suggest killing nearby mobs before harvesting, and then harvest all at once)

Tier 2/3

  • Experiment with the ingredients to make an empowering tonic (order = Crim/Viol/Black/Ghost) (Then select the microwave on table)

Tier 3/3

  • Destroy the Massive Pod before its gestation ends (Timed 5:00)
  • If you fail to destroy the Massive Pod, destroy the Hel-Blar Berserker.


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